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So You’ve Been Betrayed, Now What?

Is Betrayal Holding You Back From Realizing Your Full Potential?

Don’t let betrayal define you. Transform your Post-Betrayal experience into your Greatest Blessing!

Hi! I’m Steven Sweeney and I’m here to help you transform your betrayal experience into your greatest blessing. Trust me when I say “Betrayal Wasn’t Easy – But, It Was Worth It! Let’s find out how.

Here is My Story

Post-Betrayal Remedy

Betrayal Wasn’t Easy – But It Was Worth It

Transform your Post-Betrayal experience into your Greatest Blessing!

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Post-Betrayal Remedy Discovery Call

A free 30 minute Zoom Consult so I can assess whether or not you are a fit for what I offer. This is the referral gateway – Sorry, but I’m very selective about who I work with.

Post-Betrayal Remedy Group Coaching

Post Betrayal Remedy Group Coaching Zooms  are available to those who’d like to move forward with their miraculous Journey. Whether you know it or not, your process has already started.

Post-Betrayal Remedy 1x1

Limited slots, requires a 3 month agreement – ONLY for Apex Alpha Males XXL because we have such strong character traits that predispose us to extreme bitterness, resentment, and lust for revenge – we simply MUST WIN AT ALL COSTS – and that’s what makes Soul Wounds frick’n Fatal for us.  I call these guys “My Mane Men”  coz “Only A Lion Understands A Lion”

Hello! I’m Steve

Certified Post-Betrayal Transformation (PBT) Practitioner
Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist
Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Life Coach

I’ve been in the Professional Counseling space for 37 years.

My background includes Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, Employee Assistance, Adult & Juvenile Drug Court, Criminal Domestic Violence Court (CDV Court), as well as a contracted services provider for U.S. Federal Probation & Parole and the South Carolina Department of Probation & Parole.

As you can imagine, after years (and YEARS) as a direct care services provider, the logical career progression would be management and ultimately owning my private practice, thus Steven Sweeney & Associates LLC.

So, for the last 16 years I’ve been Founder & Owner of my dream business – and now, just as I was considering retirement, fate called with an assignment I absolutely could not refuse.  And that assignment is to help YOU discover YOUR version of the treasure I’ve found.

I’ll teach you why and how I’ve come to embrace my motto so passionately:  “Betrayal Wasn’t Easy – But It Was Worth It”.   Wanna find out what I mean by that?


My Expertise

Post-Betrayal Transformation (PBT)

Wow! I’m so excited to work with Dr. Debi Silber and her team at the Post-Betrayal Transformation (PBT) Institute. As their newest Certified PBT Practitioner, I’m now able to support my clients and help them discover that one of life’s greatest challenges can be miraculously transformed into their life’s Greatest Blessings. So what it took me 18 years, two strokes, a 20-hour coma, a paralyzed right hand, and 36 days in the hospital to learn, I’ll be able to share with people who find themselves absolutely undone by what (seemingly) appears to be their untimely demise. However, when it comes to “Betrayal”, appearances can be deceptive as we appraise the “True Value” of this Amazing “Gift” we’ve been given. That’s why I can speak from an extreme experience and now say, “Betrayal Wasn’t Easy – But It Was Worth It”.

Soul Wounds Can Be Fatal, But Transformation is The Remedy

If you, or someone you know needs help with a Betrayal Experience that has literally wreaked havoc in their life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – then someone who’s been there can help.
I’ve been there, but now, (18 years Post-Betrayal aka D-Day/Discovery Day), I now view my Betrayal as The Best Gift I’ve Ever Been Given!  OK, I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but seriously – I know how you feel; I felt the same way from October of 2003 until stroke #1 in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, April 9, 2019.  That’s the day I found the key to the paradigm shift for me.
My greatest joy would be to help you with YOUR Transformation – let’s talk about that on a free “Remedy Discovery Call (RDC) “

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PBT Institute

Meet Dr. Debi Silber

Founder Of The Post Betrayal Transformation (PBT) Institute

Heal the Hurt So You Can Trust Again & Live The Life You Deserve

About PBT® Institute

The PBT® Institute combines the findings of Debi’s PhD study on how we experience betrayal, along with 28 years of health, personal development, mindset and lifestyle coaching for a multi-pronged approach to fully heal from betrayal. Dr, Debi, along with her clients, experienced firsthand how certain processes led to healing from betrayal-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These processes are now available to anyone wishing to do the same.

So You’ve Been Betrayed – Now What?

Learn to Adapt, Overcome and Thrive Post-betrayal – Like I Did!

It Wasn’t Easy – But It Was Worth It

C. Steven Sweeney

You’re going through one of the most painful experiences you’ll ever have to endure… but there’s good news: Not only can you survive this; you can thrive. Read on to find out how…

Infidelity statistics are surprisingly high. It’s reported that 25% of marriages go through at least one betrayal… So if it’s of any comfort to you, you’re certainly not alone…

… But that doesn’t make it hurt any less. 

Infidelity can have serious long-term consequences for the person who’s been betrayed. You may go through the stages typically associated with grief, experience symptoms of PTSD, or find that your anger and resentment build up to such an extent that they affect your physical health.

That’s what happened to C. Steven Sweeney, who knows all too well the pain you’re feeling right now.

Now a Certified Post-betrayal Transformation Practitioner and Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist/Life Coach, he specializes in helping his clients through the trauma of betrayal and finding the route out of the darkness towards happiness – and that’s exactly what this sympathetic and enlightening book is designed to do for you. Inside, you’ll discover:

    • A clearer understanding of the nature of betrayal – uncover the reason why it hurts so much
    • Key questions to help you deepen your understanding of your pain
    • The 5 paradigm shifts that will be key to your growth and transformation as you recover from the pain of betrayal
    • The author’s honest and open personal testimony – see the astounding results he achieved when he applied his methods to his own life
    • The ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ of betrayal (yes, there really is a good side – and you can find it)
    • Why rebuilding your trust is key to your recovery… and how you can get there
    • The inspirational dating profile that was key to Sweeney finding the woman who was truly right for him – you could do this too!
    • The ‘Only A Lion Understands A Lion’ strategy – and why it beats traditional marriage counseling
    • How you can accelerate the journey and come out on the other side stronger
    • Inspiring testimonials from clients who have tried Sweeney’s methods and have their own stories to tell

 And much more.

Betrayal isn’t easy, and if you’ve been through it, you might feel like your light has been dimmed and you have no hope of returning to the brightness.

But there is a positive angle from which to view betrayal – and you can come out on the other side with the realization that your experiences have led you to something greater. 

You have a unique opportunity to learn from someone who is not only a certified therapist and life coach but has been exactly where you’re standing right now… and can tell you it really does get better. Only A Lion Understands A Lion.

Position yourself to experience your stony heart being miraculously transformed back to the loving and trusting heart of flesh you once knew.  It really is possible.  

Discover the secret to turning your betrayal into the key to the rest of your life: Scroll up and click “Buy Now”.

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Betrayal Wasn’t Easy – But It Was Worth It!


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